Monday, February 20, 2012

It means Saint Diego.

San Diego Skyline

This post has been a long time coming ... and I appreciate that you're tuning in even though I've been stagnant for several days on end. It's not like me, but it was well worth it for the stories I have to share.

The American Personal and Private Chef's Association has been my business resource since I began this crazy journey. Every year they hold a chef's summit in some part of the country. They've been doing that for 19 years and with good reason. The amount of fantastic knowledge I gained was unmatched by any career experience I've ever had before. If you've ever had an inkling that this might be the career for you, look no further than All your questions answered. No Bull. No runaround. Nothing but support and guidance.

If she sounds bright, cheerful, charming ... that's because she is all of those things and more. Meeting Candy Wallace, her husband Dennis, and their colleague Brent Frei was really the highlight of my weekend. They are tireless people and they are joyful at the same time. It's difficult to keep up with.

That's me with Candy and Brent. I caught them at the end of a long day. 
It's a rough photo, but still worth pausing for.

So, it wasn't all me pandering to myriad high profile chefs with brilliant ideas. There was a lot of learning on my part ... 21st century sauces ... local food diets ... holistic diets to cure disease ... canning and preserving ... how to run a food truck business ... how to acquire and maintain a relationship with a commercial kitchen ... how to make your dreams a reality. That's just the tip of the iceberg in brief. And when we weren't learning, we were eating.

My meal at Croce's... just one of the joints we popped in to. 
This was our last meal in San Diego, braised short ribs, 
beet greens, mac 'n cheese. BAMF! 
Also, some Pino. A must, in my opinion.

San Diego is really charming- and unseasonably warm this year. Bonus. Mum and I got there early and spent some time exploring, eating, a lot of walking ... We took in all that the Zoo had to offer- what a great idea. A cultural epicenter not to be missed, should you ever find yourself in the area. 

California polar bears eat carrots.
It's true.

The whole trip wasn't nearly long enough, but we left California feeling satisfied, nearly over-fed with new knowledge and ideas. It feels like there is so much more possibility now that I've mingled with my peers. All of them are talented and supportive. The universe has given me quite the tool box to build my future with.

I couldn't have done any of this- nor would any of it have happened- without the support of my parents and my husband. Mom was a fantastic travel partner, my trusted set of eyes and ears on what is good in a kitchen. Were it not for her, this California trip would not have happened.

Thank you, Mom!

There's no time to slow down ... just gotta' keep moving.

There is so much more to share. Keep following along and I will try my best to dazzle and surprise. 

Love and feasting to all of you. xo

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