Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Late night reading.

Picked up the Blogger.com app for my Droid. Now I can add all kinds of wonderful tasting tid-bits any time, anywhere. Not too shabby!
Tonight, since sleep has felt so distant in recent days, I am working on finishing this insight into a mind: Ferran.
I'll tell you how it ends... He is wealthy and famous while the rest of us scratch our heads.
I've also created a wishlist on half.com consisting entirely of food reference and method text.
My tax return can't come fast enough.
Back to reading- and hopefully sleeping!
Delicious dreams, everyone. Xo

* So, that was a post at 11pm last night. I'm the type of person who becomes so consumed by things that I feel the need to own every text involved in that craft. My book shelves at home are organized according to activity ... Art/Painting, Gardening, Music, Yoga, Hiking ... and cooking.

In the nature of knowing that my tax return is on the horizon and the fact that I have a long list of titles to go until I'm satisfied, I made a "wishlist" on Half.com. Here are the titles I know will satisfy my craving for more information all the time:

The Essential Pepin ... Because I'm in love with Jacques Pepin.

The Escoffier Cook Book ... He's the father of modern cuisine. He's borderline mandatory.

Building A Meal ... Molecular Gastronomy to Culinary Constructivism. It sounds like a dry read, but I'm up for it.

One Big Table ... I have several friends who swear by the unique recipes in this book ... around 600 of them!

Cuisine and Culture ... a history of food and people. Talk about insight into the minds of human beings.

The Professional Chef ... by the Culinary Institute of America. It's a crime that I don't already own this, but it's really expensive. Money has quite a say in anything I do.

In the mean time I got a call from the husband, anxiously monitoring the weather from Las Vegas. Rumor has it he'll probably be delayed in Denver. Is it strange that I'm slightly jealous of him? If you're going to get stuck anywhere, darling, Colorado is where it's at. Besides the fact that we used to live on its distant outskirts and have friends on all sides, it is quite a place for eating great food. Should he be stuck, I hope he at least leaves the airport for dinner.

I hope the rest of you "fly" safely tonight, too. When in doubt, stay in and cook. xo

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