Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How your meals become reality.

You know what good food is. Everyone has a favorite dish or meal that sits in their minds like a gleaming beacon- that trigger to a place most primal. Good food is paramount to our quality of life.

So often I see friends and colleagues sacrificing their meals to make up for other aspects of their lives. A busy schedule, the kid's sports games, too much paperwork, not enough hours in the day ... I've been victim to the same problems, I've made bad food choices as a result. I didn't know a personal chef at the time.

Had I known the benefits, perhaps life would have taken a few different turns. I'm glad it didn't, though, because now I can provide my clients with a freedom they may be unfamiliar with: good (nay, GREAT) food that they can feel good about, with little to no effort on their part.

Looking for portion control? No problem.
All organic/whole food diet? No problem.
Food allergies? No problem.
Want to loose weight? No problem.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Great meals can be yours. 

Folks keep asking about my pricing structure and I thought posting a blog would be helpful with those of you out there who are interested, but aren't sure if you want to "bite the bullet."

So .. here's the breakdown:

First things first, I need to get to know what my client's needs and wants are. I like to meet clients in their homes, not only so I can see where I will be spending my time cooking, but also so I can get to know their likes and dislikes in an atmosphere that's most comfortable to them. You may never have been asked about food the way I need to. It's a lot of fun to have that conversation!

After I get to know my clients, I give them some menu items to browse to give them an idea of what I can create for them, but the possibilities are endless. Special requests are welcomed and encouraged! With my client's feedback I can create a custom menu of entrees and side dishes that fit them perfectly.

On our specified cook date, I arrive with groceries in hand. When my clients return home after work, the only signs that I've been there are heating instructions on the fridge and the smell of cooking in the air.

Not too shabby, right?!

I know what you're thinking ... 

What does it cost? 

Well ...

5 dinners (4 servings each): $300*
4 dinners (4 servings each): $275*
3 dinners (4 servings each): $250*

5 dinners (2 servings each): $200*
4 dinners (2 servings each): $175*
3 dinners (2 servings each): $150*

Dinners mean an entree and a side. I can also provide salads, breads and rolls, desserts, anything a client needs to make their meals exactly what they want.

*Prices include the cost of food. Pricing can change if a client requires strict and complex dietary needs. These charges are assessed per individual client. 

There it is. That's the run-down. Do I still have your attention?

Awesome. Call me. There's no need to be shy- even if you just have questions. I like having conversations with people about food. It brings us to a different place ... everyone's gotta' eat. What a beautiful, grand equalizer. What a way to connect. So let's connect. It might well be the best decision you've made all year. 

Thanks for reading. Please reach out. Comments welcome. Appetites required.

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