Monday, October 3, 2011

New and improved

It has happened. I've found a way to work closer to home, part-time of course, so that I can finalize my new business plans.

Forever Feasting .... that's the name we're going with. My husband came up with it. I think it's magic. The concept is to create meals for people that are healthy, seasonal, sustainable, and delicious. The final steps include some testing on my part, acquiring some insurance and promoting my new endeavors. Being a personal chef will give me the tools I need to build the future I've only dreamed of. It feels powerful to have so much riding on intention alone. I am invigorated, energized. This life of mine is blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

Life is good.

I am blessed.

With that said, my future will depend on me reaching out to people who are in need of my services. A personal chef is an affordable luxury and few people realize just how helpful it can be. Most of the successful folks I know are plagued with a work schedule that makes their diet suffer. Then their waste-line swells, their organs get uncomfortable, their mood declines. I have multiple friends who subscribe to Weight Watchers in hopes of managing their consumption and stay healthy. Wouldn't that be a lot easier if they had their meals made? Wouldn't these folks get to spend more time with their kids if a warm meal was already waiting for them when they got home? The foundations of a strong family dynamic can be re-established and re-rooted around a dinner table. One of my parent's rules at home were that every had to have dinner together. The strong bonds we created at meal times in my youth are even stronger today. I'm lucky to have had that experience and I hope to allow people to have the same satisfaction in their own homes.

It all sounds idealistic, but the truth of the matter is that money rules people's decisions. It certainly controls how I spend my time and energy. I'm starting to learn that people who eat out in restaurants at least three times a week could afford what I have to offer ... better numbers will come soon.

There's a lot of great stuff to share and I'm excited to really get going.

Look out, world, 'cause here I come!

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