Sunday, April 29, 2012

Run. Don't walk.

A few things before I begin:

1) I'm sorry it's been so long since my last entry. Business is gaining at a good clip, and who am I to hinder progress?
2) I am IN LOVE with the blog of Geoff Nicholson: Psycho-Gourmet. Read it, but not at work. Some of his stuff isn't safe for the boss to walk in on- including his "Nudie Foodies" entry recently. Hilarity ensued.
3) My computer died. She's currently on life support and the unit I'm typing on now is on loan from my sister (she has a few as it stands). We're tempted to upgrade to full-on iMac status (big ol' screen and everything), but hubs and I are still brewing on it.
4) I haven't been taking enough food pictures lately, especially at events. I need to get on that.
5) I'm trying a hibiscus margarita next weekend. I'm very excited about it.

Alright ... sooooo ... what's new?

CYPN. No, the Concord Young Professionals Network is not new, not at all, but my involvement with them is. And I'm having a fantastic time. I love working with such motivated and dedicated people. They make me a better business owner.

So we had an annual event called the Philanthropy In Your Community Summit- such a great idea, too, considering everyone should be doing a bit of volunteer work as part of their work experience. I offered to cater the event, which went great! I was thrilled with the results and did enough apps to sate well over 100 people. Family and friends participated to show their support. Most of them found a new cause to support. Mission accomplished.

Also, very excited about the Women's Club of Concord. Being still naive about my favorite town, I only just discovered them through another great group, Let's Have A Net Lunch. Funny how the universe has all sorts of plans for us when we continue to put one foot in front of the other. I see great things once I'm finally brought into the fold of this strong and motivated group of women.

That is the Reader's Digest version of recent days. There is much more to share: new clients, new menus, new races to run, new allergies to work around ... but all in good time, which I don't have much of at the moment.

For now, I say adieu. But not for long, I promise.

Here's hoping you all find time to feast, even during your busiest days. xo

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